spotguide app?

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spotguide app?

Messagede occe » 15/06/2012 21:45


Im a swedish windsurfer who developed an application to help me deciding where and when I should go windsurfing.
I dont know if you face the same problem here, for example:

1. I just moved to a new place (Stockholm) and needed a way to see information about spots and get navigation directions.
2. As I did not have many friends windsurfing in Stockholm i needed to know where people went and info about the conditions "on site".

Sweden has many spots that does not work on certain wind directions and its very important to find the "best" spot for the current wind direction.

Do you have the same issues here? Should I make this app available here?
(Its a simple thing but I need search the internet for some spots so that you dont start with an empty map. Of course you can edit and add new spots as a user)

The application is available on both Android and iPhone.
(see here:
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Re: spotguide app?

Messagede cris » 15/06/2012 22:54

Il y a ça qui vient de sortir aussi: ... 2hhcmUiXQ..

Et sur iphone également je pense...
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